<h1>Commodities matter. <strong>We finance the flow.</strong></h1>

Commodities matter. We finance the flow.

Built for an ever-changing world, TradeXBank is helping to develop your business with profound expertise, reliability and bespoke financial solutions.  

TXB is a boutique bank with headquarters in Zurich, EMEA-based core clients and a strong DNA in Commodity Trade Finance. We offer tailored financial solutions to our customers in trade and commodity finance, corporate banking, and global markets.

Products & Services

Benefit from our expertise and advance your business with us

Our profound knowledge in commodity trading, finance and logistics as well as handling complex trades across borders serve solely to accelerate your business. We play a key role as a commodity financier in EMEA region, especially in the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic Seas.

TXB Advantages

As our client you benefit from:

Fast, accurate and custom made finance solutions

Expertise in commodity flows in the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic Seas

A full range of commodity trade finance services

Our ability in executing complex trades across borders

Our operating focus and expertise in EMEA region

Our banking products and services range from commodity trade finance and corporate banking solutions to global market services for regional and international customers.

TXB Career

Start your Career at TXB. Join the team!

TradeXBank is an exciting place to work, as we work towards a new story of growth and success. Similar to a start-up, it depends on the individual contribution and commitment of each and everyone.